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Showcase Exhibitions

Are you looking for a venue where you can showcase all your products, talents and services in the best possible way? Then the Bukit Kemuning Conventional Centre in the best exhibition hall in Shah Alam which you can try out.

The number of people or customer does not matter as the hall can accommodate a number of people at the same time. You have the option of hosting large exhibitions with ample stalls in an easy manner with abundant space for customer footfall as well. The exhibition hall is spread across a large space of 13,000 square feet of super built area where you can set up stalls, kiosks, as well as a number of panels where customers can also walk along comfortably and view products.

The best Awards Ceremony
venue in Bukit Kemuning

Lavish and luxury amenities, professional and courteous staff, a convenient location for everyone to travel and ample parking space. All of this comes at a very affordable and pocket friendly price. This is one of the perfect exhibition halls Bukit Kemuning Golf Club, and connected to significant parts of Shah Alam and at the same time it is easy to find and great for hosting different kinds of events as well.

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